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Quality Solar Electrical Services

As the demand for the use of solar energy is on the rise, Connection Electrical Group continues to provide services as professional solar electricians Gold Coast. We have earned the trust of the local people based on 12 years of experience. We provide an all-round service that takes care of everything from consultation to supplies and installation.

Another reason why hundreds of customers continue to put their trust in us is our official ARCTick license. This is extremely important as electrical work needs to be done with extra care and detail. As a result, our experts are trained to prioritise the safety of the clients before anything else.

Apart from the exceptional quality of service, we make sure to make it as personalised as possible. Every individual has unique needs and preferences. We understand how one thing may work for someone and may not for another. As a result, we listen, advise and execute instead of going all-in without considering your concerns. So, if you have any solar electrical work pending, you know where to find quality solar electricians on Gold Coast.

Quality Solar Electricians Gold Coast

Working over the years as solar electricians in Gold Coast, we have understood the importance of staying up to date. Solar is as technical as any other electrical service. In this fast-paced world, things are changing rapidly. With new solar equipment and technology always on the way, we ensure to keep our services up to date. As a result, we are able to provide our clients with the latest technology.

We have made a commitment to provide the best customer service to make the customer journey as smooth as possible. No matter what the nature of the job is, we take it up quite seriously. One way to keep the customer service quality in check is the continual development of skills amongst staff and management. As a result, we hold regular workshops to educate and train our team.

Officially Certified Solar Electricians In Gold Coast 

We take pride in our awards that provide us the driving force to continue delivering premium services as solar electricians in Gold Coast. We are Master Electricians Member and Clean Energy Council Accredited.

We are popular for our reliable and honest services. One core value that we hold dear as a company is safety. The technicality and dangers associated with electrical work have driven us to excel in the necessary safety measures required for solar electrical services. As a result, you can be at peace knowing that some of the best electrical minds are working on your project.

Our clients are always on board with us no matter how small or big the job. We think it is important that you know what is being done to your property. As a result, our services are transparent, with effective communication that not only keeps you up to date but also educates you about what our solar electricians in Gold Coast do.

If you have decided to shift your residential or commercial space to solar energy then Connection Electrical Group is the team for you. Get their reliable solar electrical services in Gold Coast today, call on 1300 813 888.


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